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                                                                                   QUALITY MANUAL - ATTACHED 3



BARUFFALDI GIOSUE' SRL Company undertakes following a specific Quality Policy with the main goal, through the quality of their structure, the equipped products and the provided services, to reach the satisfaction of its customers.

BARUFFALDIGIOSUE' SRL tries to reach the organization's quality through direct involvement of its leaders, sharing its Quality Management System, creating and maintaining a spirit team between the leaders and their assistants, triggering motivation, confidence and participation.

The highest level of Management System for Quality, applied into organization, is represented by the Quality Manual, which, drawn up, by the Management, Quality Management Chief in accordance with the organization's guidelines and requirements of the standard UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015, sets out application ’s lines of the procedures, mentioned in it, as well as the responsibilities and the interconnections between the different areas of the organization.

Quality Manager, working in total autonomy and independence, has the duty to ensure the application of provisions, laid in the Quality Manual.

He’s to inform the Direction about the results of Internal and external Audit, showing analysis of Quality Management System.

The organization's leaders, as well as to respect and follow the guidelines established by the Quality Manual, must feel part of changes and be a source of ideas for a common growth.

BARUFFALDI GIOSUE' SRL main goals are:

        • Stakeholders’ Satisfaction (property, employees, customers and suppliers, territory
        • Internal and external comunication’s care
        • appropriate managers’ training, according to the specific skills
        • observance of all legislation and regulations

 We set annually the detailed targets ,widespread to the leaders through the Corporate Improvement Plan.

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